Winter training

Join us as we train for the RRCA 10 miler February 22, and/or the National marathon and half marathon March 21.

Training schedules are here:

Half Marathon
10 miler

Group long runs for all distances meet Sundays at 9am at Atlanta Bread Co.  in Greenbelt.  Club members and visitors alike are welcome to join us for any of weekly club runs (full schedule at


One Response

  1. Winter is when I get a lot of very long runs in and an excellent time to train for a marathon, because there is no heat factor to limit your speed and distance. In fact, there is usually less going on in general this time of year, so not a bad time to be a little fatigued for a week or so.

    I ran 28 miles on 1/11/09 (Friday) From Hyattsville up the College Park Trolley Trail to Greenbelt Park and around the Perimeter Trail there, coming back to the Good Luck Road entrance, the I went Straight out Good Luck Road to 193. On my way back, instead of going back into Greenbelt Park, I continued on Paint Branch Parkway to the University, where I took the Paint Branch Trail out to Cherry Hill Road went right, and across Rt 1 and down to Rhode Island ave, headed south again to the trolley trail and back to Hyattsville. Try it some time!


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