Run through the Grapevine

We had quite a group venture up to the Linganore Winery in Mt. Airy, MD for the Run through the Grapevine 8K. The scenery was beautiful, with the leaves at peak color, and the course was tortuous as usual. Gene Lehr was the winner of the day among club members, scoring two bottles of wine for placing 2nd in his age group and for being part of our 2nd place male open team. The other male open team members- Nick Rapp, Ian Wright, and Dave Rapp also each won a bottle of wine. The PGRC women placed 4th in the more competitive female open category.

Team PGRC2 (second place Open Male Category)
Rapp, Nicholas 39:49.84
Wright, Ian 56:36.90
Rapp, David 58:05.50
Lehr, Gene 1:09:56.00
Team PGRC1 (fourth place Open Female Category)
Lewis, Monica 45:45.93
Cohen, Cindy 48:43.28
Ward, Tracy 58:25.67
Imholtz, Clare 1:01:12.14
Fromel, Virginia 1:12:13.06
Fields, Angela 1:23:44.86
Other PGRC Members
Gordon, Kirk 39:58.90
Radcliffe, Charles 51:07.04
Spear, Eileen 52:50.50


2 Responses

  1. How Wine Brought Me To Fitness… (and other tales of running inspiration)

    So this month is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month where you write 50K words in the month of November, just call it a writing Marathon…)and I spent a good bit of my time during the run through the grapevine contemplating how to further develop my novel.

    Between clawing my way up the cliff (c’mon, you can’t call that a hill!) and wondering if the hunters shots were close enough to get me…as I plod through the silent part of the woods, alone as the last runner… I did have one inspiration.

    I originally signed up because Cindy said “It will be fun!” and “Everyone will be walking some of it” and because, well…it was a great excuse to go winetasting!

    After Charles (Bill’s son) and my daughter Rachael ran the last mile or so with me (really…I was the LAST one in) and I collapsed onto the ground…and that pain in my chest subsided (no it was not a pulmonary embolism as I thought! ha ha) … I realized looking out onto that beautiful landscape that I had just run almost 2 more miles than I ever had in a race…
    My legs didn’t give out…
    Miles 3 and 4 were easier than miles 1 and 2…
    and above all… I DID IT! Last or not, it was a first for me.

    SO, while wine may have led me to the race, probably not the best choice for the third race I have ever run… I gained a new perspective on my progress as a runner. Now every 5K will seem easier, now I might not be too intimidated to do the Druid Hill 5 miler (cause the premium is really cool!), and now I have a PR to exceed next year in the Grapevine… all I have to do is come in second to last to do better!

    I might have even developed a sub-plot or two for my novel along the way. (I think my protagonist will somehow witness a mob shooting while running in the woods…)

    All joking aside- I want to encourage the other begginers to challange themselves to do a race that seems a bit out of their league… you will be surprised what you learn about yourself and our club. For example I learned that our club really does not care if you are going to come in last- you can still be on a team. I also learned to head the advice to be careful not to injure yourself, walking isn’t the enemy, and that I should look out for random dear running through the course….! (see the striders race report for details on that!)

    Thanks team, for making sure I finished and for reminding me limits are self-imposed.

  2. Angela — congratulations on your successful defeat of THE HILLS! Remember, you are running for you. 🙂 Great job!

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