More fall race results

Here are some recent race results for club members. If I missed you, let me know and we’ll add your results. Also, please be sure to post your personal race report by clicking on “comments.”

Baltimore Marathon 10/11/08
Christopher Hamley 2:53:38
Kirk Gordon 3:34:01
Nick Panebianco 3:58:58
Baltimore ½ Marathon 10/11/08
Dave Bennett 2:26:40
Baltimore 5K 10/11/08
Laura Benzel 31:12
Angela Fields 40:24
Boston ½ Marathon 10/12/08
Monica Leiws 1:51:06
HCS Atholton 5K 10/12/08
Kirk Gordon 22:03
Sharyn Gordon 32:50
Chris Caravoulias 34:14
Little Bennett’s Revenge XC 5K 10/12/08
Cindy Cohen 24:58
Chris Caravoulias 37:11
Army 10 miler 10/05/08
Dave Ferris 1:44:03
Cassandra Logan 1:56:12
Deon Merene 1:56:01
Amanda Hartmann 1:58:49
Kim Ossi 2:01:04
Parks ½ Marathon 9/14/08
Christopher Hamley 1:18:29
Deon Merene 2:36:37
Kim Ossi 2:56:36

2 Responses

  1. The Army 10-miler was a lot of fun. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect day for the race. The weather was beautiful! Boomie and I ran most of the race together. I’ll let her blog on her experience. I cruised through mile 7 but my leg started bothering me at mile 8 Add to that going back over the bridges and that added to the “agony.” :o) So I took quite a few walk breaks from that point. Near the end there were groups of people yelling, “You’re almost finished.” I don’t think they knew how prophetic their words were. :o) When I rounded the corner and saw the balloons I got excited and “sprinted” to the finish. I was shooting for 1:50, but I’m okay with my finish time of 1:56. I will definitely do this race next year.

  2. Also for the Army 10-Miler: i finished in 2:01:04 (no PRs or anything, but I finished!) and club member Deon Merene also ran: 1:56:01.

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