Happy running season!

Well, I suppose it’s always running season, but when cooler weather approaches (it’s so close I can feel it) I enjoy it so much more!

My question is, who’s running what this fall? I know there are quite a few folks running the Army 10-Miler, and I’m sure there are more than a few marathoners. Not to mention all the fall 5K and 10K races… so post below and list your races and goals and be sure to post back here with your running news after the fact, too.

Here, I’ll start:
Sunday: Parks Half Marathon, goal: 12:30 pace
Oct. 5: Army 10-Miler, goal: 11:30 pace
Nov. 1: Jug Bay 10K (PDF), goal: 11:00 pace

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  1. Hi all,
    I’m running the Marine Corps marathon (my first!). I’m planning on doing a 15-mile long run on Saturday morning (9/10ish). I run around a 10 minute/mile pace. If anyone is interested, email me. I’d love some company!

  2. Here are the races on my fall list; hopefully I’ll make it to all of them. Most are part of the MCRRC race series. Not sure my goal times yet. For the half marathon on Saturday, finishing is my only goal. Sub 8:00 pace for road 5Ks. I’ll have a better idea once I start running more races.

    9/13 Womens Trail Half Marathon vhtrc.org
    9/27 Lake Needwood XC 10K mcrrc.org
    10/11 Run for Kathy 5K http://www.run4kathy.org
    10/12 Little Bennett XC 5K mcrrc.org
    11/2 Run thru the Grapevine XC 8K striders.net (we usually have a PGRC team)
    11/27 Turkey Trot Prediction Run 10K striders.net
    11/29 Turkey Burnoff 10M mcrrc.org
    12/6 Frozen Slopes XC 6K mcrrc.org
    12/14 Jingle Bell Jog 10K mcrrc.org

    2009 preview– New Years day races, GW Birthday marathon (maybe), RRCA Club Challenge (late Feb), National Marathon (3/21)


  3. Hi everyone,
    My fall schedule is going to be a bit heavy through Ocotber and November:

    Sept 14 Parks Half Marathon
    Setp 28 NCR 1/2 Marathon OR DCRRC 20 Miler (we’ll see, maybe neither, or something frank, shorter)
    Oct 11 Baltimore Marathon
    Oct 2# MCM
    Nov 9 OBX Marathon (Kent, where was that B&B?)
    Nov 27th (Thanksgiving Day morning) NCR Trail Marathon
    Jingle Bell Jog 10k?

    Spring, GW Birthday Marathon, RRCA Club Challenge, Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon in Virginia Beach, and others..

  4. Schedule for next 2 months.

    Sept 27 – College Park 5K
    Oct 5 – Orienteering at UM campus put on by Quantico Orienteering Club
    Oct 11 – Run for Kathy 5K in Bowie
    Oct 12 – Terrapin Trot 5K on UM campus
    Nov 1 – Jug Bay 10K
    Nov 8 – Candy Cane City 5K in Kensington

    Goal – run below a 21:00 5K

  5. I’m focused on getting my butt off the sofa and back on the treadmill. Seriously, between school and work, I’ve not done any serious running since spring. But tonight I got on the treadmill for 45 minutes and I wasn’t huffing and puffing!

    I’m thinking of doing the Wright Stuff 5K in December, and I want to focus on getting my time under 40 minutes.

  6. Karen — good job! Get back at it. The Wright Stuff would be a great race to train for. Also, there will be 5K and 10K training programs starting up soon with the club (if you can make it out on the weekend). There will be more information posted soon about these programs, so keep an eye to the site and/or e-mail!

    Nicole, good luck at your first marathon! 🙂

    Man, PGRCers are busy folks!

  7. My next goal is to do the Charm City United Way 5K in Baltimore on 10/11, join the 5K training program run by Valerie, and do a run in Watkins Park on 11/15 and then the Write Stuff one in December.

    Meanwhile, My kids are now interested in running and I found a really cook kids running program called Marathon Kids (Baltimore) http://www.marathonkids.org and plan to start a kids running group this fall to support my kids in their goal.

    They are doing the kids fun run in Baltimore too!
    Thanks again to the beginners program it was excellent!

  8. I too am running the College Park cares 5k.
    I have to, I’m the course director.

    Note: We need more teams! Currently we have two…. Care to field one, PGRC?


    Chris at Vecna

  9. Kim –

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! But just to be clear, I wasn’t running for the entire 45 minutes… ; D

  10. Hi all. I just hope to make it through the Army 10-miler on October 5. My goal is an 11:00 pace. After that, I’ll start thinking about running a half-marathon. :o)


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