College Park Cares 5K 9/27/08

Let’s form a team for the race. Sign up at

And indicate that you are running for team “PGRC”

And then add your comment below to let your fellow club members know you have signed up for the race and team PGRC. And be sure to wear your club shirts!

(also will someone volunteer to bring some PGRC membership flyers to the race?)

5K and 10K training programs

… are starting September 20.  See the link under Events for more information.

Happy running season!

Well, I suppose it’s always running season, but when cooler weather approaches (it’s so close I can feel it) I enjoy it so much more!

My question is, who’s running what this fall? I know there are quite a few folks running the Army 10-Miler, and I’m sure there are more than a few marathoners. Not to mention all the fall 5K and 10K races… so post below and list your races and goals and be sure to post back here with your running news after the fact, too.

Here, I’ll start:
Sunday: Parks Half Marathon, goal: 12:30 pace
Oct. 5: Army 10-Miler, goal: 11:30 pace
Nov. 1: Jug Bay 10K (PDF), goal: 11:00 pace

ALSO: If you’re on Facebook, please feel free to join the new PGRC group!


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