Running Start Program- begins tomorrow

PGRC’s 2008 beginning runners program starts tomorrow (Saturday) at 8am.  If you haven’t yet registered you can do so tomorrow.  Registration forms are available at

Here are detailed directions to the meeting spot for the Running Start program.


Lake Artemesia is accessed by turning onto Branchville Road from Greenbelt Road Rte 193. From Greenbelt and the east Branchville Rd. is one mile from the entrance of Greenbelt Park, and past the Beltway Plaza Mall. Turn right just past Pearle Vision and Siri’s Chef’s Secret Restaurant; there is a traffic signal and a brown Lake Artemesia sign at the intersection. The SunTrust Bank branch is on the corner on the west side of Branchville Rd.

From College Park and the west Branchville Road is the first left turn past Rhode Island Avenue with a Shell Station and SunTrust Bank on the left before the intersection.

Proceed on Branchville Rd. on a course that resembles a reverse question mark. You will pass under Rte 193 – the street name changes here to Ballew Ave – and then past the Washington Post Printing Center on the right. At 0.8 mile you will reach an intersection with Berwyn Road and Ballew Ave with a police department building on the southwest corner on the right. The PGRC Running Start Group will assemble at the Lake Artemesia parking lot on the southeast corner across Berwyn Road on the left.


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