Springburst photos

Photos from Springburst are now available.  Here are some photos from the kid’s fun run.



Cicada Crunch May 17, 5K Run/2K Walk, 10am

This race is directed by PGRC member, Dave Rapp. Here’s a blurb from the website http://www.cheverlyday.org

Welcome to the 4th running of the Cheverly Day Cicada Crunch! The race is the kick-off to an entire day of celebrations in our community. Lots of food, activities, musical performances by fantastic local music groups, a beer garden, and much more. Come to run, but plan to stay until the closing fireworks. Race proceeds will go to support the activities of Cheverly’s own Friends of Lower Beaver Dam, an organization dedicated to improving the Anacostia Watershed.

Marathon Training Program

If you are interested in running a half or full Marathon but don’t want to do it by yourself. Starting May 10th you can train with the Marathon Charities Partners Group coordinated by Nick Panebianco. Marathon Charities Partners Group are a DC area charities that have combined their training and race day programs to enhance the experience of the runners who are making sacrifices to serve such charities as Big Brothers Big Sisters, ASHA for Education, Team CF etc… If anyone is interested and would like to read more about the program, you can visit the website at www.runwithmcp.org. The cost of the training program is $60, but the fee is waived for PGRC members.


Springburst Results

Thanks to all of the runners and volunteers. 

Race results


Kid’s race at Springburst

All!  If you are planning to run in the Springburst 8K this weekend, bring along the whole family!  We are holding a half mile kids’ race, with fun prizes!  Sign up at the park.  All ages welcome.  If they can walk, they can run it!  We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Stefanie Carroll
Kids’ race coordinator

Sunday Bowie long run

Hi guys, a few of us are training for the GW Parkway race (10-miler), which is April 27 (i.e. SOON!). We’re holding our long run tomorrow, Sunday, April 6. Meet at 6:30 a.m. at the Race Track Rd. entrance to the WB&A trail. Run will be from there to past the Glenn Dale Splash Park and back (a little over 10 miles — mile marker 5.5 to mile marker .5 and back).

To run shorter, meet up at any point along the trail — 197 (about 9 miles — mile marker 4.5 to mile marker .5 and back to Race Track mile marker 5.5); High Bridge Rd. (about 8 miles — mile marker 3.5 to mile marker .5 and back to Race Track mile marker 5.5); Glenn Dale Splash Park (a little over 6 — just before mile marker 1.5 to marker .5 and back to Race Track mile marker 5.5). Check out the map on the trail Web site to get a better idea of where to go.

E-mail Kim at membership@pgrc.org for time estimates. Also, we’ll give anyone who needs it a ride back to their car. Just shoot me a note if you plan on coming, too, so we’ll know to wait for you and where. See you then!

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