2008 running goals

What are your goals for 2008?  Writing down your goals and sharing your goals are good ways to help keep you on track.  And maybe motivate others.  So who would like to share your goals for 2008? 


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  1. Hi PGRC,
    I’m plotting my comeback for 2008 and found my goal race–the Greasy-Gooney 10K in the Shenadoah Valley on Sat., Oct. 25. Relatives who live in Alexandria have offered PGRC the use of their mountain house–5 bedrooms, sleeping capacity for 17 people–which is located 1.5 miles from the finish line, so we could make a weekend of it during leaf season,
    The url for the 2007 race is http://user.shentel.net/karsten/gg10k/course.html

    Since the G-G 10K is the same type of race as the Springburst (small and hilly), this is an ambitious goal for someone who at present can’t get through a day at home without a nap. To get there, I plan to:
    1. Work with a nutritionist via physician’s referral.
    2. Start gradually w/ walking, recumbent bike, and taking the stairs as much as possible.
    3. See Daryl Arnold, the physical therapist, for his individualized training program as soon as I can jog 30 min.
    And most importantly, get inspired/motivated by
    4. Supporting PGRC events as much as possible. These include the National Marathon water stop on March 29, the Springburst in April, and of course, the PGRC WDF on Aug. 23.

    We’ll be great in 2008.

  2. Lucy, that’s a heck of hill to run up, but I’m going to put it on my calendar and hope I can do it.
    My 2008 goals are the same as those in 2005-07: to break a 30-min 5k, and to keep on running with PGRC. I always fulfill the second, but not yet the first. Clare

  3. Lucy, the G-G 10K sounds like lots of fun!

    Clare, you can do it– we just need to find you a speedy course, good weather, and maybe one of our coaches can help you tweak your training to get you there.

    Some of my personal goals for 2008–
    1. Average 4 days running per week (2007 avg= 2.7)
    2. Run 1,000 miles for the year (2007= 665mi).
    3. Sub 22:00 5K (2007 best 24:10, 5K this morning-24:52, hmm got some work to do).

  4. My 2008 goals are to surpass my 2007 results and are 1) 1 Mile in under 5:47 2) 400 Meters in under 1:04 3) 5K in under 21:27.

  5. Well, since I just joined PGRC on 12/29/07, my number one goal will be to meet and get to know you fine folks better during 2008. I’m also hoping to convince a few of my running friends to join the club as well.

    As for running goals this year: I’m hoping to finish the JFK before dark, and to log 2008 miles this year. That mileage total will be a bit of a stretch for me, but hope springs eternal!

  6. My goal this year is to finish my first two mini triathlons in June and August–the Manassas Mini and Super Sprint that George and Laurie have already done.

  7. My goal is to re-start my running. I fell off the bandwagon with all my house renovation projects and holidays and colds.

    For 2008, I want to get into a three-day-a-week running schedule with two other days for weight training/yoga, etc. My running goal is to be able to run for 15 minutes without walking. By the time the Women’s Distance Festival comes around in August, I want to be able to finish in under 30 minutes.

  8. My primary running goal for 2008 is to do a 60-minute tempo run twice weekly. I will, of course, do other runs in addition to these, but this will be the foundation of my training program. As far as goal times are concerned, I do have some, but I believe that if I can accomplish the primary goal, the times that I want will naturally follow.

    Good luck to you all on your running and other goals for 2008!

  9. My running goal is to stay healthy and run consistently throughout the year. The healthy part is a big deal (as I was just diagnosed with a stress fracture) 😦

    I also hope to improve my times as I enter the Master’s division in 2008.

    Best of luck and happy New Year’s to everyone!

  10. To start running on the treadmill.

  11. […] year?  Did you accomplish your goals (if you’ve forgotten what they were, perhaps they are here)?  Personal bests (or worsts)?  Share your 2008 running highlights, lowlights, or just […]

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