2007 review

Time to look back and review the past year of running.  Did you accomplish your goals?  Any running or racing highlights or stories you’d like to share?


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  1. A few stats from my 2007 logbook — 665 miles run, 21 races finished, and 21 laps of perimeter trail traversed. Best 2007 times were Run for Kathy 5K=24:10 and National Marathon=4:01:25. If I had set any goals for 2007, I can’t remember them so can’t tell you if I achieved them (although my times were slower this year than last- so probably not).

    My favorite races this year were the XC races (MCRRC series and Run thru the Grapevine) and the National Marathon (running with the mayor and the PGRC water stop were highlights). My hardest race, by far, was the GW Birthday Marathon– it was so so cold, and windy, and hilly, and I felt really good about completing it. I’ve enjoyed running on the perimeter trail on Saturdays with lots of different folks this year. And the Thursday night run group has been great – the Holiday Lights runs were really fun, and the track workouts were fun too.

  2. My goal was to run under a 6:00 minute mile and under 22 minutes for a 5K. Luckily, I succeeded at both. My PR for 1 mile was 5:47 in 2007 at the Potomac Valley Games in August and I ran a 21:27 in the Candy Cane 5K in Kensington in November. I almost exclusively did track workouts of 100M, 200M, 300M and 400M during the entire summer to reach my goals. While it wasn’t a goal, I also did a PR of 1:04 for the 400M.

  3. Well, I had some good races and a lot of fun running them. High points were the Run thru the Grapevine and the Celtic Solstice–in both cases I beat previous years’ times. I actually got a PR in the 5 mile Celtic Solstice. That was cool.

  4. I would have to say that the highlight of my 2007 running year was the warm welcome I received from everyone in PGRC.

    I learned so much about running, coaching, and organizing races. It was a nice break from the chemistry world! I am so proud of the beginning runners and I am thrilled to see that they are still out there working hard (no longer beginners, that’s for sure)… 10K’s and 10-milers in sight.

    Personally, 2007 was a year of PR’s for me. I owe that to the good advice from all of the PGRC runners. In the spring I ran my fastest 10k at the Pike’s Peek in Rockville (53:57 – okay, so it IS downhill). Later in the year, when I decided to train for the Philly marathon (my first) I ran my fastest 5K in Milton, PA (24:47) and my fastest half marathon in Hartford, CT (1:58:33). Heck, I even ran my fastest (and first) marathon this year (4:53:and change). 🙂

    In addition to these races I have enjoyed everyone’s camaraderie on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday runs.

    Thanks PGRC for making it a great year!

  5. Dear Fellow PGRC Runners:

    Emily mentioned that she is so proud of the beginner’s… well we are still excited over the attention and expertise that we received (and continue to receive) from the fine coaching team… Coaches Bob, Bill and Emily— and let’s not forget George, who was out there with us every Saturday showing us that age has nothing to do with running! (-: The highlight of my year was finishing the Beginner’s program; as it was so well organized, very professional with just the right personal touch—just PERFECT! I still feel like I owe someone some money for all that I gained. (-:

    As pay back, I promise to volunteer more with the club this year. You will be hearing from me on helping with some races. Coaches Bob and Bill suggested that I take it easy on my aching Achilles Tendons so I sat out on the Wright Stuff Race and volunteered instead. That was a rewarding experience. I learned alot about race coordination (especially the timing system) and felt honored to cheer on my fellow runners.

    I am still plodding along, but I look forward to growing stronger and getting faster with consistency/persistence. It will be much easier challenging myself with a great bunch of folks like yourself!

    Sorry to be so long winded. (-:

    Thanks again everyone! Karen B.

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