Thursday holiday lights run reports

by Cindy Cohen

Holiday run #2 report —Last night, Ben, Kent, John, and I met over at Lucy’s house for Holiday Lights Run #2.  Adorned with santa hats, clangy jingle bells, and flashing lights, we ran through the beautifully lit Hyattsville neighborhood, on the way picking up Laurie at her house.  Then, Laurie led us on a twisting turning route past many decorated houses (inflatable Santas, snowglobes, and animals seem to be all the rage this year).  We found a suitable hill, and did four repeats (per Emily’s 10 mile challenge training schedule).  Then, after an hour long run, we made our way back to Lucy’s.  Lucy (who is looking very well after her recent surgery) was a superb hostess and served up many delicious treats- pizza, crab dip, cheese & crackers, cookies, and more- to replenish the calories we used running (plus a few extra for Saturdays workout).

Holiday run #1 report– The week before, we met at Kent’s house to enjoy and evaluate the holiday lights of Lanham.  The running crew for this expedition was Craig, Emily, Kent, John, Patty, and me.  After a fun run around Kent’s neighborhood, and up some killer hills, we enjoyed delicious hot chocolate back at Kent’s house.

Thank you Kent and Lucy for hosting us! 


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