Celtic Solstice 5M race report

by John Giamalva

Saturday, four PGRC runners took part in the Celtic winter Solstice 5-mile race in Baltimore. Laurie Fisher, John Giamalva, Clare Imholtz, and Emily McLaughlin ran. Cindy Cohen was to join them but came down with a cold just a day or two before the race.
Thanks are due to the race director and organizers who put on a great race that draws more runners every year. This year it was a little below freezing at the start, but the hot coffee and apple cider available before the race warmed up our insides and the big tent with 1500 people in it kept our outsides from getting too cold. Once the race got started, it was not so cold except for my feet which took a while to thaw out. The course has some hills but not as bad as Greenbelt Park. After the race there was hot soup and bread. All the PGRC runners finished in good shape and I think we all finished ahead of the juggler. I took a cheap disposable camera with me on the run, and as soon as I get the photos developed I will post them as well. (If they come out.)

Runner Chip time
Laurie Fisher 49:53.40
John Giamalva 43:12.25
Clare Imholtz 52:34.20
Emily McLaughlin 50:50.30


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