Marathon Training Report Update

by Sharyn Davis-Gordon

Saturday, September 15

Hello Everyone,

Last Saturday I ran my 1st 20 mile practice run as part of my marathon
training. This distance is to be respected for it truly was a challenge and
although I was well prepared given my training to date I worked hard to
finish the run. I can’t sugar coat it, the distance was tough and besides
that running on the Mount Vernon trail presents its own set of unique
challenges. The terrain is mostly blacktop with a number of bridges along
the course, inclines, and some steep hills through the woods. The upside is
that when you coming back some of those inclines and steep hills turn into
fast down hills. Essentially what got me through the run was my training to
date, the fact that I stuck with my pace group (it paid off big), and the
fact that last Saturday was nice and cool and it stayed that way basically
for the entire run. Had it been hot and humid the outcome for me would have
been vastly different!!

We started at Belle Haven and ran all the way up to the Mount Vernon Estate
turned around and then came back to where we started. At that point we had
run about 15+ miles. Now here’s where it got difficult. To add 5 more
miles we then went back out and ran another 2.5 miles on the trail, turned
around and came back to the start point a second time. That gave us a total
distance of 20 miles. The prospect of going back out to run additional miles
after returning to the run start point was very hard-in fact it was rather
painful!!! Mentally, I just did not want to do it because in my mind I had
finished my run.but with the camaraderie of my pace group (and my hubby in
the distance directing me to go back out and finish) I stayed focused and
completed the mission. LOL

With the mission accomplished I was ecstatic! Overall I felt pretty good
although I was worried that I would be sore and stiff later that day. But
after returning home I stretched, rested a little while, and was up and out
the door to run errands by the afternoon. I kept thinking the soreness and
fatigue was going to catch up with me and hit me like a locomotive train but
it never did. I was very surprised-I guess I am getting stronger or

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to run the 20 miles in a certain time
period. Well I didn’t quite meet my goal. I think I exceeded my goal time
by 20 maybe 30 minutes. While I like to strive towards achieving my goals,
in this instance I was happy that I ran the 20 miles and walked away feeling
as good as I did. Tomorrow, Saturday, September 22, 2007 we are running 12
miles downtown on the Mall one last time before the marathon — isn’ t that
scary, our last training run on the Mall before the big event. Time is
flying-stay tuned…

Sharyn Davis-Gordon


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